Global Investment Strategy

Winter Enterprises is a global investment research and strategy firm. Founded in 2009, the firm offers financial consulting and management services to a select group of significant investors worldwide.

We are a world-renowned advisor on macroeconomic and geopolitical issues affecting the long-term global economy. Our partners and clients value our insights for their independence and accuracy.


Observing, understanding, advising and sharing.

People today are inundated with advice and opinions on how to invest their financial and human capital.

While information overload and the velocity of change can be seen as inevitable, judgment and experience have shown that there are tools we can use to harness better understanding of what matters more, what matters less and what doesn’t matter at all anymore.

Success is a function of continued ability and agility in picking the right problem.

At Winter Enterprises we help investment management professionals understand what matters most and identify the right problem and therefore manage the most important aspects of their success. 

Private engagement

We serve as board member, as well as advisor to significant pools of capital. Private presentation by Clark Winter for individual clients and foundations for ultra-focused strategic thinking on a specific topic.

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With his vast experience expanding from Wall Street to the emerging markets, Clark brings a unique perspective and ability to bridge ideas together. As a result, he is widely interviewed. 

Here are a few of Clark's interview clips:

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