Insight and Acumen

How to identify it?

How to access it?

How to distill it?

How to stay on the path of good ideas?

Facts and figures are very helpful but left to their own devices, they become libraries of accurate but not very useful information. Imagine how helpful, or not, is a large and ancient library of phone directories in today’s world?

We’ve living at warp speed on one hand and on the other, we’re evermore appreciating sincerity, and the importance of understanding context, meaning, value, integrity, honesty, clear thinking, open minds and clean hearts.

For those of you who have been fellow companions on this journey, you know that for decades we’ve been looking, distilling, questioning, adapting, reversing, being reversed, and being propelled forward. And in the midst of it, we have created a continuing interchange of ideas and hopefully a vortex distilling what matters more, what matters less and what doesn’t matter any more, even if it is accurate.

I’m thankful for the many years living abroad for JP Morgan in Madrid and Mexico City, followed by opening one of the first multi manager platforms at Winter Capital, and later as the chief global strategist for Citi. Most of all I am grateful for having come to know so many diverse and successful savvy investors around the world.

I’m now proud to announce a new, hopefully ever more valuable, venture - RedBag Insight – to help navigate through an overflow of information while distilling insight and detect early significant changes both in our business and personal lives.

Please click on this link, Red Bag Insight, for our 1st Issue on “The World’s Waistline Expands…Except in the U.S.” and “What’s Wrong with Kids Today?” 
Looking forward to your thoughts.