• We are in the midst of a cycle where Everything has become an electoral engineering problem. Pollsters and spin doctors dominate. 
  • Are we asking the wrong questions? 

  • China has its Five-Year Plans. Does the U.S. need them, too? 

  • China & U.S. II -- Opportunities 

  • Unfortunately, in the absence of a plan, the U.S. appears boxed into contentious issues without immediate solutions. 

  • Problem: The metamorphosis of the concept of “rights” 

  • Another Apple lesson: Clarity, simplicity and agility pay off 

  • Problem: When answers are everywhere and free, how do you formulate the most difficult questions? 

  • How long will interest rates stay low? 

  • Who can convoke clarity of purpose, clarity of opportunity? 

  • Japan -- Has the turnaround finally begun? 

  • And then there’s S. Korea 

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